Accents & Keepsakes

Simple accents for the home can add style quickly and simply. The containers are often easily reusable and provide the recipient with something to keep after the flowers pass. Clients are encouraged to bring in personal keepsakes or items to be used.

Arrangements that include plants are another way to send something that will live on and continue to grow. Please allow at least 24 hours notice for special requests.

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PHALAEONOPSIS ORCHIDS IN HANGING LANTERN (Phalaenopsis Orchid plants in hanging lantern) HANGING LANTERN (Phalaenopsis Orchid plants in a hanging lantern) TENSION, MIMICRY (The two Nautilus Shells mimic each others forms and create tension dispelled by the Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchid) MUM BALL (Mum Ball with decorative elements)
ORCHID PLANT IN HANGING LANTERN (Orchid plants in hanging lantern) FAUX PLANTS (Faux plants assembled with foliage and Heliconia) LOOPED GRASS (Looped Grasses, Gloriosa Lillies) WINDOW BOTTLES (Colorful bottles look great in a window. Easily accented with minimal flowers)
FISH BOWL (A whimsical interpretation) HANGING BUBBLES (Glorisoa Lillies in hanging bubbles) HANGING LANTERN (Craspedia flowers in a hanging lantern) NAUTILUS SHELLS (Nautilus Shells with Cymbidium orchids, Green Trick Dianthus)