Please check out some of the wonderful businesses
and friends who help us out!

Favorite photographers
All of whom have contributed images to the site

Carla Ten Eyck
JAG Studios
Al Kim
Raw Photo Design

Places that happily display our flowers on occasion

Liberty Bank, Main Branch Middletown, CT
The Bottle Shop, Middletown, CT
The Wine Cellar, Middletown, CT
It's Only Natural, Middletown, CT
Klekolo World Coffee, Middletown, CT

The incredible team of people who made
this website possible

Triple Frog

Vendors we love

Locally grown roses for a great cause:
Roses for Autism

Awesome wool and natural fibers from Dayna
"The Crafty Scientist" at:
Madison Wool

Amazing greenhouses and fantastic selection of plants at:
Balleks Garden Center

Cool natural reeds and more fibers from:
Basket Weaving Supplies